Thousands enjoy VW festival at Harewood House despite rain

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Bad weather hasn't dampened spirits at the annual VW Festival at Harewood House.

Thousands of lovers of the German car manufacturer have been enjoying live music, entertainment and, of course, plenty of the famous VW Beetles and camper vans, throughout the weekend.

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Billed as the largest family friendly VW show in the UK, some of the grounds have been affected by the prolonged rainfall on Saturday, with entry and exit from the site slower than usual.

Fans have come from far and wide for the event, with Henry Clausnitzer even bringing his 1994 Rat Style VW over from Dresden, Germany, for his first time.

The main Show and Shine event sees 250 of the best Volkswagen motors from across the UK on display.

Other speciality displays this year include coach-built campers, aircooled, ratty and graffitied vehicles, with prizes awarded to the winners.

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Live bands have been playing across both nights, while children have been kept entertained by theatre and circus activities.

A raffle, with a restored VW Beetle as the prize, is also being held in aid of children's charity Cash 4 Kids.

The weekend comes to a close at 4.30pm on Sunday.