Watch stunning CCTV footage of Barn Owls feeding their baby owlets in East Yorkshire

Two barn owls have been busy hunting to feed their five baby owlets as CCTV footage shows them at home inside a barn near an East Yorkshire nature reserve.

Eager-eyed wildlife lovers had spotted the two barn owls hunting for prey and had uploaded photos to the North Cave Wetlands Reserve’s facebook group.

But the reason why the owls had been so “busy,” was revealed by farmer Angela Brown.

“They have been very very busy and attentive feeding their enormous family,” said Angela who along with her husband Dick built an owl box in their barn a few years ago.

Welcome to Yorkshire: The five newborn owlets

Angela, who thinks the owlets hatched 11 weeks ago, said: “I can also report that they are now flapping about and flying.”

From the CCTV footage she thinks it’s the same pair of Barn Owls who have been frequenting the barn from the start.

Angela said: “The first year they hatched off two owlets then returned again in 2021 and hatched another three, with only two surviving. This year we have been so lucky to have five owlets hatched.

“I believe it is the same pair returning by comparing previous photos.”

Farmers Angela and Dick Brown with the baby owlets

Anglea and Dick had the owls ringed by a professional registered ringer to keep a record of them.

“Having been successful for two years we invested in Wifi in the shed along with a new camera and CCTV, mainly for security of the owls and being able to watch them on their journey,” added owl-loving Angela.

She warned rodents at Yorkshire Wildlife trust’s North Cave Wetlands to “watch out” because both male and female Owls have been returning to the barn with regular supplies.


The baby owls have been well fed by their doting parents

“They are being kept very busy hunting over North Cave Wetlands and returning regularly throughout the night to feed. It's like Deliveroo and Just Eat delivering in 15 min intervals,” added Angela.

In the video you can see the owls’ close relationship as well as two of the young having their food delivery.

“They are a joy to watch but they’ll soon be gone I think. I just love my owls,” said Angela.

Angela and Dick Brown installed CCTV which captures footage of the owls in their barn