Workouts the key for pensioner's long life

Is this fitness fanatic Leeds's oldest gym-goer?

Army veteran Peter Tchaiovsky, of Roundhay, turns 90 in September, yet visits The Gym at the Core Shopping Centre every week for circuit training - often accompanied by wife Josie-Carmella, a sprightly 70, and their grandson Christopher.

He ran a marathon in three hours and 14 minutes back in 1981 and has stayed in shape ever since.

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“I’ve been a member of four different gyms before I discovered The Gym Leeds and I haven’t looked back since. I love coming here to see my friends and meet new people; it’s a welcoming space for me to work hard in. Although I work out solo, I usually talk to everyone around me, which I’m sure The Gym staff can vouch for!” said Peter, who believes exercise is they key to his long and healthy life.

His commitment to staying mobile and active has impressed The Gym’s assistant manager Dylan Noble.

“Peter really is a credit to The Gym. He’s always working out with a smile on his face and defies any expectations of age. Peter’s an amazing role model in the community and a glowing example of how fitness is important to everyone. I’m sure there will be a lot of members from The Gym who’ll be joining Peter to mark this milestone birthday and help him celebrate in style!”