Yorkshire man appealing for help finding his car after forgetting where he parked it a week ago

A Yorkshire man is asking for help to find his car after parking it in Sheffield a week ago and forgetting where he left it.

The man says he left his car in Sheffield a week ago and can't remember where he left it.

The driver from Barnsley – who has asked not to be named after being “laughed at by his mates enough already” – says he has no memory of where his white Audi A4 estate could be after leaving it somewhere in the S5 area of Sheffield last Sunday (Aug 15).

Now, he is asking Sheffield to do the neighbourly thing and let him know if they spot it.

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The Barnsley man told sister paper The Star he left his car last Sunday night to go for a evening stroll when he fell over and badly broke his wrist.

He said: “A very kind man in a blue Ford Focus saw I was in pain. He picked me and drove me back to Barnsley where I then went to hospital. Only problem is I now have no idea where I left the car.”

He says he has been laid up in hospital since last week and has been unable to go out to search for it.

“It could be in the Shiregreen area, or at least the S5 area,” he said. “I don’t know the area. I was just driving back from a friend’s house and wanted to stop and take a walk. I feel like it was near a shop with green shutters and a black gate.”

The Audi’s license plate reads GJ14 ZWY.

Anyone who thinks they might know where the missing car is can call The Star on 07393 754709 or message the paper through its Facebook page.