Yorkshire man takes adorable photos of mice 'cycling and shopping' after rodents take over his daughter's playhouse

These adorable pictures show a family of playful mice fooling around in a back garden - including riding bikes and taking selfies.

A mouse does a wheelie on a bike made of twigs

The little rodents can be seen doing wheelies on a twig bicycle, pushing a shopping trolley full of strawberries and taking photos of themselves on an old school camera.

The scenes were caught by photographer Gez Robinson, 60, who befriended the family of mice in his own back garden in Rotherham.

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He first noticed them during the first lockdown when they took over his daughter's old playhouse that had been left outside.

A mouse pushes a tiny shopping trolley

Ever since he has patiently set up a series of scenes and enticed his little playmates to pose in front of his camera.

Gez has been taking pictures of the mice every day after work.

He also has a Facebook page for fans of the mice - named ‘The Mouse family that live by the brambles’ which has 27,000 followers.

He said: "Wild mice are very inquisitive.

Three mice indulge in a spot of photography

“Sometimes I can be sat there for hours to wait for them, but peanut butter helps to tempt them on.

“The photos are so funny, they give people so much joy. They give a smile to people every day."

Gez bought the playhouse, named Honeysuckle Cottage, for his daughter when she was five.

“It’s always been in the garden,” he added.

Two mice investigate a daisy

“We had bought it for my daughter who is now 17. She obviously doesn’t use it and mice now live under it.

“They store stuff in there.”

Two mice steady a ladder