Yorkshire’s mini heatwave: Hour-by-hour weather forecast as temperatures set to soar today

As Yorkshire’s mini-heatwave kicks off, we take a look at the hour-by-hour weather forecast for today.

A heatwave is expected this week. (Pic credit: Michelle Cowbourne / SWNS)

Today marks the first day of heatwave week in Yorkshire, with temperatures expected to escalate to 27C on Wednesday.

The weather summary for Monday is: “Becoming increasingly warm through to Wednesday. Cooler, unsettled thereafter.”

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The Met Office predicts moderate UV and pollen levels on Monday.

The weather service’s forecast for Monday in Yorkshire predicts a rather cloudy start to the day, but sunny spells could appear from the south and spread to all areas, “with a chance of one or two showers in the afternoon, becoming warm.”

For tonight, they expect a dry evening with plenty of residual sunshine, with any showers dying out.

“Some light winds and largely clear skies overnight, leading to a few mist and fog patches. Maximum temperature 13C,” the Met Office said.

Below is an hour by hour forecast for the day.

1300 - 1400

22 degrees with sunny intervals

1400 - 1500

24 degrees with sunny intervals

1500 - 1600

24 degrees (cloudy)

1600 - 1700

24 degrees with sunny intervals

1700 - 1800

24 degrees with sunny intervals

1800 - 1900

23 degrees (cloudy)

1900 - 2000

21 degrees (cloudy)

2000 - 2100

20 degrees (partly cloudy)

2100 - 2200

19 degrees (partly cloudy)

2200 - 2300

19 degrees (partly cloudy)