Perfect storm of failure hits the high street

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From: Trev Bromby, Sculcoates Lane, Hull.

ALONG the lines of “If we can see it, why can’t they?” there are people wondering why city and town high streets are failing.

What about sky-high rents, business rates, over-zealous traffic wardens, out-of-context parking fees and the use of the internet to avoid the latter two? Turning defunct shops into apartments (Yorkshire Post, December 7).

Brewery reps bleating to managers, tenants and landlords and asking what can they do to get people in. These people are pushing for £3 a pint in pubs while supermarkets sell beer for around 70p a pint – the answer is in there somewhere.

As long as David Cameron keeps pushing up subsidies to compensate for greedy power companies, the more they are going to push up their prices.

From: Philip Crossley, Giles Hill Lane, Shelf, Halifax.

My sincere, heartfelt congratulations to the Boroughbridge Council for having the foresight to buy 
a car park for their thriving market town.

For over 45 years, I was a greengrocer trading in the middle of our beautiful market town in West Yorkshire – Halifax.

I managed to bail out almost two years ago, for in Halifax, our Conservative leader, Councillor Stephen Baines, sold off a car park next to our beautiful (hidden) town hall. I’m not talking about the car park where the Plaza monstrosity has been built, that hides our town hall, but the one on Crossley Street adjacent to it. The concrete development is an array of un-let empty shops and flats and has been for some time.

To his Conservative colleagues in Boroughbridge – I can only say well done for having the prudence to create free car parking spaces in your town.

The Conservative Party must accommodate a broad church of opinion.

Our Conservative leader then went on to privatise the traffic wardens.

Oh to live and trade in North Yorkshire.

From: Mr RF Heys, Bar Lane, Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire.

I WRITE regarding the decision by Calderdale Council to demolish Halifax Central Library and transfer it to a less commodious and less accessible site adjacent to the Piece Hall.

In view of the council’s continuing failure to publish any authoritative report confirming its claim that their drastic and unpopular measure is necessitated by a serious deterioration in the fabric of the existing library – of which as a regular user I can see no evidence – I wrote to the head of the council’s Democratic and Partnership Services asking under the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act for sight of the report or reports on which that claim was based.

I have now received the response to my request stating that: “No such report exists, and therefore cannot be provided”

It thus incredibly appears that the decision to demolish and transfer the Central Library has been taken without any authoritative confirmation that it is indicated, and despite information, I have received that the demolition of the existing library will cost Calderdale rate payers £270,000.

It is difficult to escape the conclusion that the council is misleading the public on the issue of the Central Library and

I am therefore copying this letter to the chief executive and leader of Calderdale Council requesting authoritative 
written confirmation of the necessity for their proposals 
for the Central Library, and 
for an explanation of the 
actions and omissions by the council to which I have drawn attention.

Unimaginable situation

From: John Watson, Hutton Hill, Leyburn.

YES, Phyllis Capstick I applaud your letter when you say that “the law is an ass” (Yorkshire Post, December 6). It is about a year since I wrote to the Yorkshire Post on the same theme.

However, it is the law-makers to which this saying must apply and it is the legislators who are appearing to have four legs and big ears over some of the decisions they have made in the law courts.

The latest story to get ones’s back up is the decision to brand a Royal Marine as a murderer when all around him he can see the limbs of his dead friends and fellow Marines hanging from the trees. Who would not have flipped in that situation?

I wonder how many of the military men on the bench in that courtroom have ever experienced such a nightmarish situation as did that Marine. He was no conscript or part-time soldier. He was a very well-trained individual who would put the welfare of his country before his own. He would be trained, as are all the Marines to cope with any situation he comes across. In this modern world of ours, there are atrocities being committed in the name of Allah which one cannot imagine.

Co-op betrayal of its values

From: Ian Tomlinson, Westbourne Gardens, Garforth, Leeds.

I AM distraught and disillusioned that the caring, sharing Co-op has succumbed to the same cancerous greed as Barclays, RBS, Lloyds, Halifax, Northern Rock and Bradford & Bingley.

Who would have thought they could possibly be involved with, nay supportive of the Labour party, while selfishly caring about their own interests and sharing boardrooms with a drug-taking, homosexual Methodist preacher with a penchant for rent-boys? It just beggars belief.

What on earth is the world coming to? Not only do the perpetrators get away unadmonished, but why didn’t the government watchdogs uncover these crises before they plummeted into abject failure?

Surely they should also be held responsible for these fiascos in some measure?

Needless to say my allegiance to the Labour Party was withdrawn after Blair, Brown, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I am withdrawing my Co-operative Bank account and intend transferring to another financial institution.