Perils of public transport and foul language on the buses

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From: R Oliver, Calow, Derbyshire.

I WRITE regarding Christopher Lawson and David Neil’s comments on Northern Rail (Yorkshire Post, December 17).

It would appear that they are not of an age when public transport was sparce and antiquated.

I would also point to the fact that a train service, be it poor or maybe unreliable, is far better than the unacceptable bus services that we have to endure here.

On Saturday, my wife and I (and others) had to endure indecent language by four idiots. The driver did not attempt to get involved in any way but no doubt he had a mobile phone which he could have used to alert the correct authorities to rectify the situation.

On Sunday, my wife and I (and others) again had to endure indecent language by young teenagers who looked like they had only just left school but had young children with them.

I informed them to stop using such language and an argument started. At this stage, the driver stated that he didn’t want any arguing but did nothing to control those who caused the situation. Again, this driver could have contacted his depot or the police to bring about an acceptable and normal journey and rectify a situation which could have escalated into something more serious.

At least on the train the guard can and will phone ahead and have such situations rectified.

The above situation is an everyday occurrence on our bus routes and my wife and I find this unacceptable and for this reason will be using our car much more.

After serving in the Armed Forces twice, I shudder to think what the next generation will be like. Many ex-service personnel do not want National Service to be brought back as it would degrade the forces, but I would advocate that it was brought back as NCS (National Community Service).

From: Tim Mickleburgh, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

IT is disgusting that 84 per cent of spending on new transport schemes will be in the South (Yorkshire Post, December 17).

For London already has the best rail and bus services, plus an excellent tube network.

And it is perhaps worth noting that while Tube drivers might be striking on Boxing Day, where I live there aren’t even any bus services on that day.

All of which leaves non-drivers at the mercy of taxis, that – naturally – have a premium tariff at such a time.