Pervert Yorkshire GP, 70, jailed after 25 year reign of abuse

GP Gousul Islam at Sheffield Crown Court. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
GP Gousul Islam at Sheffield Crown Court. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
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A JUDGE lambasted a general practitioner whom he jailed for 11 years for indecently assaulting seven women patients over a 25-year period.

Judge Simon Lawler said of Dr Gousul Islam: “In 40 years experience as a court practitioner this is the worst case of its kind by a professional man I have had the misfortune to encounter or try.”

He told him: “This is on any view a catalogue in some cases of persistent sexual abuse of patients with the grossest possible breach of trust of your position as a doctor.”

Female jurors wept openly as the judge delivered his verdict on 70-year-old Islam who hung his head in shame in the dock at Sheffield Crown Court.

Judge Lawler praised the women for speaking out and said that three of them had been left with psychological problems following the abuse which was a “terrible commentary on a medical man who took an oath to counsel and to care.”

He said: “The court pays tribute to these women. They did not want to be here but felt it was their duty to speak out. They were right and they have seen justice. They have no sense of empowerment. They left here with a sense of having told their stories but remained ashamed. The fault is not theirs.”

Within the privacy of his consulting room at a Doncaster area village surgery, Islam serially groped teenage girls and young women.

Under the pretext of examinations, he fondled their breasts, stroked their thighs and touched them intimately.

The married doctor asked the women to undress in his presence without a screen and lie on his treatment couch without a blanket or towel to protect their modesty.

He never offered the females a chaperone and often did not wear gloves for intimate examinations after which he would wash his hands obsessively.

He was found guilty of indecently assaulting seven women patients from January, 1970 to June, 1995 while he was in his 30s and 40s.

The allegations came to light in March, 2010 when one woman whom he tricked into performing oral sex complained to the police and inquiries led to other victims either being traced or coming forward.

Islam was suspended by the General Medical Council in September, 2010 and will now be struck off.

The court heard he asked one pretty teenager to “strip off and go upstairs with him” at his surgery and told her: “You are fit, you are stunning, you are beautiful.”

He repeatedly asked her to go on weekends away or watch videos with him at his house and told her he was not interested in his wife.

When she was seven months pregnant he jabbed her in the stomach and said: “What are you doing with that thing inside you get rid. I can’t do anything with you with that inside you.”

She said she was subjected to more than 30 unwarranted examinations from the age of 14 to 22. She said: “He always wanted to give you an internal or feel your boobs.”

An attractive blonde blamed Islam for ruining her sex life and wrecking her marriage throughout which she remained a virgin.

She went to the doctor in her 20s over her problems with sexual intercourse and the GP told her: “Silly girl, your partner must be tearing his hair out.”

The woman said he made her feel like a “freak” and he even examined her “down below” when she complained over a sore throat. He had stroked her legs and thighs, put his hand inside her knickers and touched her vagina during examinations.

She said: “You knew he was going to have a quick feel. You just knew what was coming.”

Several of the victims were in the public gallery to see the GP sentenced. Det Chief Insp Natalie Shaw speaking on their behalf said afterwards: “They are glad it is over and justice has been done and they can now try to get this behind them.

“South Yorkshire Police cannot commend enough the bravery and courage shown by all of these ladies who have come forward. They have conducted themselves with dignity throughout.”