Pet sheep has both ears ripped off in dog attack

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A PET sheep has been permanently disfigured in a savage attack by a dog which has left him with no ears.

The four-year-old, a well-loved family pet who would sit on people’s laps, is now deaf. And the formerly tame animal has become wild and angry.

Mum-of-two Vicky Broadley, 43, was heartbroken when she discovered a dog had attacked the nine pet sheep she keeps with husband Mark, 51, a mechanic.

Ewe Cloud, five, was killed in the attack and Dougal was lucky to get away alive.

Vicky said: “Poor Dougal has had his ears completely ripped off right down through to his head.

“The vet said he can live without ears, but of course he’ll be deaf or hard of hearing. He will have to rely on the other sheep and he’s going to struggle in summer because he won’t be able to flap flies away with his ears.”

Vicky, of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, works as an accounts manager at a vets practice. She rushed back home with a vet after a neighbour saw a dog in the field, then found a dead sheep outside.

She said: “The neighbour’s boy had managed to round up the remaining seven sheep into the stable but we still had one missing.

“We found Dougal in a nearby field pouring with blood so the vet gave him a painkiller.”

Vicky and the vet got terrified Dougal into a stable to be treated after the attack on Monday afternoon. They hope he will be able to lead a relatively normal life.

Mrs Broadley added: “Neighbours have told me they spotted a large black dog, but no-one has come forward.”