Petrol price at pumps hits new high

The price of petrol at the pumps has reached a new high, the AA said yesterday.

The average price has risen from last week's record figure of 121.76p a litre to 122.14p. Average prices have gone up 3.06p a litre between mid-November and mid-December 2010, the AA said.

Diesel, which is still some way off its all-time record high, has risen 3.12p a litre over the last four weeks and now costs an average 126.19p.

Compared with this time last year, the cost of filling a 50-litre petrol tank has increased from 54.26 to 61.07. A 50-litre tank of diesel has gone up in price from 54.93 to 63.10.

British petrol car owners are now spending 8m a day more on fuel than a year ago.

London and south-east England have the most expensive petrol, at 122.7p a litre, while Scotland and Wales have the dearest diesel prices, at 126.7p a litre.

Petrol on England's motorways varies from 121.9p a litre to 129.9p and for diesel from 124.9p to 132.9p.