Phone plan that fails to connect

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From: Bob Watson, Baildon, West Yorkshire.

BLACKFRIAR (Yorkshire Post, May 3) states that most small businesses banking with Yorkshire Bank will in future only get “direct” banking – via the phone or internet. How does the bank expect to be able to understand and help these businesses if it does away with face-to-face interviews and/or site visits? Far more can be gleaned in five minutes from such situations by an experienced banker than can ever be ascertained from the telephone or form-filling. This is simply not the way to treat such businesses.

Gay dilemma

From: Coun Frank McManus, Longfield Road, Todmorden.

HOW can the campaigners, who pressed against the “Clause 27” ban on “promoting homosexuality” in schools, now attack the Roman Catholic Church for pressing against the mirror-image measure (“Clause 72”?) to call same-sex partnerships “marriage”?

Cheap shot

From: MD Addy, West Street, Hoyland, Barnsley.

FOLLOWING the row caused by The Sun’s cheap headline concerning Roy Hodgson’s slight speech impediment. I think it is far better to have someone who is literate experienced in European football matters, than have someone who said he couldn’t read or write.

Shameful stunt

From: EL Firth, Wellington Street, Wilsden.

TO counter the recent cheap insulting and truly shameful Argentine stunt on the Falklands. Let the Government arrange a special Remembrance Day service this year. Let this be in Port Stanley. I doubt the British taxpayer will complain about paying their fares.