PHOTOS: Kittens heartlessly dumped in an Asda basket and abandoned in Leeds - can you give them a home?

These kittens were heartlessly dumped in Leeds in an Asda basked and abandoned by their previous owner.

Can you give these kittens a home?

Now an animal rescue centre is looking to rehome them together.

Maisie and Milo have had a tough start in life but they are now very happy and playful kittens.

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The moggies were just seven weeks old when they were left in the shopping basket.

Can you give these kittens a home?

They were dumped in the street outside a property in Westfield Crescent on May 8 and a resident brought them into their garden.

They were abandoned with two other kittens and their mum but unfortunately the mum and two of the kittens escaped through a gap in the fence before Animal Collection Officer (ACO) Tina Hallas arrived.

She collected one ginger male called Leo and two black and white kittens, one called Milo and a female called Maisie.

ACO Hallas took them to the RSPCA Leeds and Wakefield branch where they were looked after.

Can you give these kittens a home?

Leo has now been reserved but Milo and Maisie, who would like to be rehomed together, are still looking for their new home.

Jo Jackson, animal care manager at the Leeds and Wakefield branch, said: “Maisie and Milo are two beautiful kittens.They are lively and playful and would like to be adopted together so they can keep each other company.

“They would need to live in a home in a quiet area away from busy roads and would prefer it if their owners were at home for most of the day as they love company.

“It’s so sad that they were abandoned in the street but thanks to a kind member of the public they were found and brought into our centre.

Can you give these kittens a home?

“After being cared for by staff over the last month, they have now had their first vaccinations and are eager to find a new home.”

Milo and Maisie will need to be able to explore outside and can live with friendly dogs and/or children.

RSPCA cat welfare expert Alice Potter said: “Around this time of year, we often see a lot of abandoned kittens as a result of unwanted litters from cats who have not been neutered.

“Some cat owners may believe that cats should be allowed to have a litter of kittens before they are neutered - this isn’t true, in fact it's just an old wives tale.

Can you give these kittens a home?

“The RSPCA is urging loving owners to get their cats spayed to protect them from getting pregnant.”

Summer is the busiest time for the charity when unwanted and abandoned litters come flooding into the animal welfare charity, leaving its centres bursting with cats and kittens.

Throughout 2016 the charity collected over 30,000 cats from across England and Wales.