The photos you'll only understand if you enjoyed Whitby's Steampunk weekend

Thousands descended on Whitby for a Steampunk weekend.

PICS: Richard Ponter

Steampunk is a science fiction and fantasy inspired style and the weekend involved stalls and entertainment. Enjoy these photos from snapper Richard Ponter:

Joanna Martyn and Steve Kay with their van.

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Organisers Andy and Michelle Dolan with special guest Jason Salkey (centre).
Gez and Krista Long from Leeds enjoy a stroll.
Angie and Rob Fyfe enjoying a look around the Ladybird Lane lights selection.
Joanna Martyn and Steve Kay taking a break by their van.
Martian Hunter Jason Green surveying the land.
Tim Grosse and Shelley Anderson enjoy the view of Whitby.
Prussian officer Dave Stephenson.
Diamond Rascal King and Stephen Draper.
Hilary and Stephen Draper enjoy the event.