Pianos on move for musical extravaganza

As musical extravagances go it may take some beating.

Not one but 25 upright pianos were transported from Leeds to Huddersfield yesterday for a performance of Kristoffer Zegers' Piano Phasing – an unusual piece to be played simultaneously by 50 non-professional pianists. Tenniswoods Removal Service delivered and unloaded the instruments loaned by Besbrode Pianos, Leeds, to Huddersfield Town Hall ready for the performance of Piano Phasing.

The number needed for this performance is over double what has been supplied by the company for past performances and it took four men and two vans to transport them all.

Based on the rhythmic, yet not in time, phases of church bells, Piano Phasing creates a powerful and imposing sound. Each player performs the same melody, but at a tempo of their choice. Mr Zegers said: "If you have enough people, the differences will make the phasing appear without doing it on purpose."

The event last night was part of Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival.

Picture: Simon Hulme.