Pick up a Piece and clear 2.5m items of litter from our streets

PICK up just one a piece of litter - and help make the The Yorkshire Post’s anti-rubbish campaign a huge success.

Jeff Yates, coordinator of Litter Free Guiseley, picks litter from the roadside in Guisley. Picture: Anna Gowthorpe

Clean Up Yorkshire has been calling on communities to organise litter picks throughout the month of June - but we want to finish by making as big as difference as possible.

On Tuesday June 30 we are calling for everyone to pick up just one piece of litter to help rid our streets of any rubbish.

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We have teamed with the Council for the Protection of Rural England for the campaign and they estimate that if everyone in the region who is able to picks up a bit of rubbish, then 2.5m pieces would be collected in one day alone.

Samantha Harding, of the CPRE’s Stop the Drop litter campaign, said: “Pick up a Piece is such a simple and fantastic idea. If even half of the 5 million people living in Yorkshire picked up a piece of litter each day, the county would become so much cleaner very quickly. And if you know someone who can’t pick up a piece, why not do it for them?”

All litter pickers are advised if they find something unpleasant or dangerous, like used needles, not to touch it.

“Make a note of where it is and let your council know it needs to be cleared,” said Ms Harding.

Meanwhile, there’s still time to organise a larger clean up event or take part in one of the many picks that have already been arranged.

In Askham Bryan, York, villagers will be holding a litter pick on Saturday. Meet at the village hall at 9am.

Brightening Up Bridlington will also be collecting on Saturday.

On Sunday, Dodworth village community group will be carrying out a litter pick in the village. Meet at 9.30am.

In Leeds, Litter Free Guiseley will clean up the area from Guiseley Cemetery to West Chevin Road on Sunday. Meet at the cemetery at 9am.

If you get involved, tweet with the hashtags #pickupapieceday and #CleanUpYorks or email [email protected] and let us know.