PICTURE: Is this parking ticket covered car Doncaster's worst?

The driver of this car in Doncaster could be in for a bumper fine - after being blasted with a string of parking tickets.

The car covered in tickets in Doncaster town centre.

The silver coloured vehicle was spotted in Doncaster town centre over the weekend with its windscreen plastered with penalty notices - with a bill of more than £500 possible for the unlucky motorist.

The car, which was parked outside Ward Brothers in Waterdale has been hit with SEVEN red penalty charge notices by Doncaster Council as well as a yellow warning notice.

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Seven of the tickets have been plastered on the car's windscreen with another on the driver's side window for good measure.

In Doncaster, the higher level parking contravention charge is £70 - and with seven separate tickets, that could mean a bill of at least £490.

Do you know a car that's had more parking tickets in Doncaster?