Pigeon fancier in trouble

A sparrowhawk dropped into our garden – a young female, I think who had just taken a pigeon mid-air when she got into difficulties and crash landed into a fence.

After a quick rest in a cardboard box and some tlc she soared of into the distance with nothing but pride slightly dented.

From: Rob Fox, Forge Lane, Liversedge, West Yorkshire.

From: Chris Boden, Bistall, West Yorkshire

I must take issue with Sarah Todd regarding the "good old New Zealand Rug" she referred to in her column. I remember them well, they were heavy and cold and did not have waterproof seams.

When they got wet they stayed that way for three days and when they froze you could hardly lift them onto the unfortunate horse's back. They also rubbed bare patches on the shoulder.

The only advantage in using one is that the rug thieves that operate in this area wouldn't bother pinching them. Modern horse rugs may be more expensive but they are 100 times more efficient and comfortable for my horses.

Please move with the times Sarah.

From K Parker, Newsham Way, Romanby, Northallerton

I thought your readers might be interested in photograph (above) from Christmas 1923 of my father trading as MH Spence in game and poultry in Harrogate indoor market. The building was destroyed by fire in 1935 and rebuilt and is now known as the Victoria Gardens.

An article about sustainable housing in the November 19 issue of the Yorkshire Post Magazine said that four sustainable low-cost houses were commissioned by the National Non-Food Crops Centre to be built at the innovation park of the Building Research Establishment, near Milton Keynes and it was understood that the hemp house was the only one completed on time. The NNFCC wishes to point out that it commissioned one house at the Building Research Establishment, near Watford, and this was delivered on time.