'˜Piles of vomit' fears over Headingley stadium bar alcohol plans

An application for an alcohol licence in a stadium bar has attracted objections from locals worried about 'piles of vomit' and 'knocked over bins'.

The bar will become part of Headingley Stadium's south stand, which is still under construction.

The South Stand Emerald, in Headingley Stadium, has applied for permission to serve alcohol until late at night on weeknights.

However, the application has attracted several objections from locals, who believe the licensing hours could cause further noise and antisocial behaviour problems.

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if the application is accepted, the new licence would allow the bar to serve alcohol and play live and recorded music until 11.30pm from Monday to Saturday.

But is has received a number of objections, including one letter to the council, which stated: “While the noise from match days at the cricket and rugby is tolerable, the scope of the new licence is so wide that it could severely affect our quiet enjoyment of our home, garden and street, as well as having a significantly detrimental impact on our local community.

“We also have concerns about the consequential impacts that would inevitably come from such a premises such as increased litter, piles of vomit and further concerns of antisocial behaviour.”

Another letter from a local resident claimed: “It is already not unusual to step over a pile of vomit, or see wheelie bins that have been knocked over in ‘high frivolity’ by drunken people on the way home from a night out.

“To grant another licence to a business in Headingley would be irresponsible of the council and seriously questionable.”

Another read: “Headingley is already very well-served with drinking establishments so I re-iterate WE DO NOT NEED MORE.”

The report includes a proforma in which the applicants, Headingley North South Stand Ltd, claim the bar will have CCTV, as well as door staff on matchdays.

The bar will be part of the newly built south stand at Headingley Stadium. Before its demolition, the former Headingley South Stand Refreshment Room held a licence to sell alcohol until 11pm and play music until midnight on weekdays.