Play is not a dramatic licence for foul language

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From: David H Rhodes, Keble Park North, Bishopthorpe, York.

IT has recently come to my notice that acting head Jeremy Law at Teddington School in West London allowed his 14-year-old drama class to perform the obnoxious play Mogadishu – involving 218 ‘F’ words and 12 ‘C’ words. Is he in competition with the film The Wolf of Wall Street to see which is more debased?

Maybe a discussion on the topics involved in the play held in the classroom may have some merit.

But performing the play adds a degree of glorification to its foulness. I would ask how do his GCSE grades compare with other schools?

If poorly related, then maybe more emphasis on traditional teaching would be appropriate?

Is the next route to clamour for the age of consent to be reduced so that the pupils can have freedom of expression?

Those that are old enough 
to remember Mary Whitehouse will maybe admit that she 
was far-sighted and things 
have come to pass that she predicted.