Playing hide and seek with city’s new arena

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From: David T Craggs, Goldthorpe, Rotherham.

LAST Wednesday, I paid my first, and maybe my last visit, to the new Leeds Arena. We set off in good time and left the M62 at Tingley, heading for the centre of Leeds.

We fully expected to quickly pick up the signs that would direct us towards what is supposedly a prestigious, some may even use the word iconic, Leeds building, one expected to attract visitors from all over the North of England.

But not a sign in sight. For the next half hour eight eyes scrutinised every sign, but no mention of the Arena until we got to within a couple of hundred metres of the building itself, and even then the sign was barely a couple of feet square in size.

By contrast we picked up the Royal Armouries signs almost immediately after leaving the M62 and they appeared at regular intervals from that point on. We eventually parked in the nearby Merrion Street car park and within five minutes we were taking our seats, such was the ease of getting into the building. For the next two hours we were thoroughly entertained by the Canadian rock group Nickelback... what a performance!

On leaving the Arena, and arriving at our car, the traffic leaving the car park was at a standstill and remained so for the best part of the next two hours. It appeared that a car, apparently legally parked, had half blocked a road close by. To kill time we decided to leave the car and go for a meal. We arrived back well after midnight just as the last cars were leaving. Not a very good advert for the Arena.

On second thoughts I will give the venue another chance, but please, Leeds City Council, improve the signposting. Not everyone has a sat-nav. At the moment it is, quite honestly, totally inadequate.