Playing with fire over the future of football

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From: Robert Carlton, Athol Crescent, Ovenden, Halifax.

IN a recent article (Yorkshire Post, August 6), Britain’s most senior football policing officer warned of a rise in Continental-style disorder at English matches.

South Yorkshire Assistant Chief Constable Andy Holt said forces had seen an alarming increase in the use of fireworks, marine flares and smoke canisters.

I have only seen these scenes on television and on every occasion I have felt that these objects have no place in football.

In my opinion, it creates an atmosphere that is frightening and threatening mixed with a feeling of high tension.

I have seen several football matches stopped because of smoke, and read of fireworks being thrown at police horses in this country.

Do we need this? I like what’s happening in football; a place where you can take the whole family.

If we allow smoke canisters, flares and fireworks into our football grounds then the outlook for the future of football is bleak. To me, it sends out the message that it is all right to play with fire.

A lot of people have worked hard to improve behaviour and conditions at football grounds but I am sure all that will be in vain and conditions will worsen in football and maybe in society as a whole.