Plea to use less water in Yorkshire as hosepipes banned elsewhere

Yorkshire Water has again urged people to use less water during the hot weather as a company in another part of the country announced a hosepipe ban affecting millions of people.

The heatwave in Yorkshire.

United Utilities announced the “temporary use ban” in the North-West of England, which comes into force on Sunday August 5, but other water companies said they had no plans to curb hosepipe use.

With the hot, dry weather set to continue, people across the country are being urged to be “water wise” and limit their use by avoiding sprinklers, letting their lawns go brown and not washing their cars.

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United Utilities said its move comes after what is believed to be the longest heatwave since 1976, and will affect about seven million customers.

A Yorkshire Water spokeswoman last night said: “We are continuing to see increased demand for water in the region due to the hot weather.

“Demand for water is regularly exceeding 1.4bn litres a day. We are sometimes seeing daily increases of up to 200m litres – which is more than the daily demand of water for Leeds.

“However, our planning processes mean we have been able to anticipate and plan for this extra demand and our colleagues are working hard around the clock to maximise our production to meet this. This level of demand and the length of time since significant rainfall will have an impact on our raw water resources and we would be grateful if our customers would help us out by reducing the amount of water they use.”

Sunshine and showers are due in the region today, with highs of 23C, according to the Met Office.