Please take your litter home

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From: David Quarrie, Lynden Way, Holgate, York.

IT would appear that many people in and around our lovely city of York do not have much pride in this city and do not care about how much litter is strewn about.

During the latest spell of very good weather, the amount of rubbish left lying about has quadrupled. A particularly bad area is on the small Knavesmire, near the Ovington cricket pitch and the Hamilton Panther football pitches.

There are a few litter bins in this area, but the council should not have to clear up such vast amounts of garbage. Please take your litter home – keep Britain tidy.

Faith restored in the young

From: Ken Brooke, Leconfield, Beverley.

MY wife and I attended an evening of light entertainment provided by the Bainton Young Farmers last Thursday. The venue was packed to overflowing with the audience made up of a mixture of young and old.

These lads and lasses, with the support of one or two not so young farmers, put on a brilliant show, which completely restored our faith in our younger generation.

At a time when youngsters receive much criticism for being unable to motivate themselves without outside help, this set of youngsters merit all the praise, and thoroughly deserved the applause they received on the final curtain call.

Well done to all concerned.

Jobs subsidy

From: G Ellison, Hawthorn Avenue, Dronfield.

WHY should the taxpayer subsidise companies as the Government is doing, to create non-existent jobs for the young unemployed (Chris Grayling, Yorkshire Post, April 2)?

If companies have vacancies, let them advertise at their own expense.