PM and Speaker in new Commons clash

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Speaker John Bercow and David Cameron have clashed for the second week running at Prime Minister’s questions in the Commons.

As former Rail Minister Simon Burns, who once called Mr Bercow a “stupid, sanctimonious dwarf”, was called to ask a question at 12.33pm, deep into so-called “injury time” for the PM’s weekly questions session, he and Mr Cameron could not resist a dig at the Speaker.

A week after Mr Cameron was cut off in mid-flow by Mr Bercow in the Commons, Mr Burns said: “I trust the Prime Minister has enough time to answer the question in full.”

Later in his answer the Prime Minister said: “Perhaps I can say that for you (Mr Burns) to be called at 12.33pm on a Wednesday shows that if you stick at anything you can win.”

Mr Bercow immediately intervened: “I have always practised that philosophy myself, however long it takes we’re going to get through them (the questions).”