PM must take share of blame

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From: Tony Flanagan, Mallorie Close, Ripon.

DAVID Cameron, despite his frantic efforts to backtrack on his earlier outrageous castigation of Ukip members, must take a good share of the blame for influencing the crazy behaviour of Rotherham social services department. Its staff are clearly highly impressionable and incapable of distinguishing between the wild soundbites of a political opportunist and the wisdom of a statesman.

Bet no-one read the instructions

From: Charles E Haywood, Doncaster Road, Whitley, Goole.

AS an engineer for many years and when attending training sessions, I was always taught when in doubt refer to the manufacturers’ instructions, therefore one has to wonder looking at the photo (Yorkshire Post, November 24) whether Comet has lost its way a little.

It would certainly be a case for extended warranty even though it should not need it .

Store draw

From: L Addy, Mirfield.

I AGREE that the noisy walky-talkies in Morrisons, Heckmondwike, are a little irritating (Yorkshire Post, November 24), but at least the management is visible there, walking round, and taking an interest in how the shelves are stocked, and how the store looks.

At the other supermarkets, you never see any sign of management staff, no doubt meeting with other “colleagues” upstairs.

Tale of two cities

From: Iain Morris, Caroline Street, Saltaire, Bradford.

THE so-called “Leeds City Region” only recognises Bradford as a labour pool for more jobs in Leeds. We saw this only too well when the development of Kirkstall Forge was seen as being more important than the revival of Bradford city centre which every real Bradfordian wishes to see more than anything else.