PM questioned on winter death figures

Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis.
Barnsley MP Dan Jarvis.
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‘APPALLING’ winter death figures must be reduced as a matter of urgency, MP for Barnsley, Dan Jarvis, has told the Prime Minister.

The Labour politician told the House of Commons how 117,000 people have died over the last four years due to the cold and the deaths were avoidable.

He said: “I wonder if the Prime Minister would agree with me that not only is that appalling but it also avoidable. Why does he think it is that so many people are dying needlessly in our country, and what will he do to stop it happening?”

The Prime Minister said he took the matter seriously but admitted there is still considerable work to do.

He said an increase in the pension allowance, winter fuel payments, cold weather payments and falling energy prices were all helping tackle illnesses people are susceptible to in winter time.

The Prime Minister said: “All of those changes, plus home improvements, and making sure people have good insultation - all of those things can make a difference.”

The Prime Minister said the figures were a ‘standing rebuke’ to all Governments that more needs to be done.

More to follow.