PM’s jobs promise as Tories target workers

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron
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dAVID Cameron has pitched the Conservatives as the “party of the roofers and the retailers” as he promised “zero unemployment” policies.

The Prime Minister continued the Tory’s ongoing effort to focus voters minds on the economy with a speech committing to achieving “a higher rate of employment here than in any other advanced economy”.

In his latest campaign speech Mr Cameron said: “After a tough few years, we have a good record of getting people into work - 1,000 jobs every day this Government has been in office. We’ve created more jobs here in Britain than the rest of the European Union combined.

“I hope people will stick with this plan. We haven’t solved all our country’s economic problems, but the plan is working.

“We are getting Britain back to work and increasingly with those jobs people can see a better living standard, better security for themselves and their families.

“That’s what I want to continue with ... To me, nothing is more important than a Britain with full employment where everyone who wants to work can work.”

Mr Cameron’s critics have pointed to sluggish growth in parts of the UK as evidence that the economy is still not benefiting everyone.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said: “David Cameron’s empty promises of full employment will mean nothing to so many people struggling with empty wallets as a result of the low-wage economy.”

After his speech Mr Cameron visited start-up businesses on the Rackheath Industrial Estate near Norwich. He was delayed leaving the industrial unit by 30 minutes while staff hatched a plan on how to avoid a man in a chicken costume, carrying a placard reading “Don’t be a chicken Mr Cameron: join the TV debate”, on behalf of the Daily Mirror newspaper.

Mr Cameron’s staff left in his official car, while the Prime Minister left through another exit as police looked on.