Police and residents help curb anti-social behaviour

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A WEST Yorkshire police community support officer has joined forces with a Bradford community to combat anti-social behaviour - and succeeded in reducing crime there by a quarter, according to police.

Police Community Support Officer Julie Hansord has been helping residents in Queensbury, and especially Spring Garden Street, to tackle problems in the area.

As a result more than 200 fewer instances of anti-social behaviour was reported between April 2010 and March this year than in the previous year.

Problems in the community included thefts, wheelie bin fires, damage to properties, street drinking, congregating youths and nuisance behaviour.

Noise related concerns and environmental issues were also highlighted.

PCSO Hansord was responsible for creating an action plan with community groups and organisations including the fire service and local councillors to improve residents’ quality of life.

She said: “I visited each of the properties along the street to find out what individual issues were affecting them. In some cases the concerns were the same, but others had quite particular problems.

“By bringing together the different partner agencies, I was able to draw upon the right services offering the right solutions.

“The fire service for instance has made visits to local schools to talk to them about the dangers and consequences of setting fire to bins.

“A landlord at one particular address has been sent an improvement notice and the fire brigade have also fit smoke alarms to a number of homes.

“On top of the physical work carried out, we have also directed some residents into alcohol treatment and other towards activities which reduce their feeling of isolation.

A Community Payback scheme has been utilised to clean-up the area and to punish offenders who have been a blight on the district.

PCSO Hansord added: “This is great news for the area and highlights how we can get on top of an issue through co-ordinated action.

“We have been able to make a marked difference to people’s lives on Spring Garden Street and although there is still more work to be done, we are now heading in the right direction.”