Police called over 'sad-looking' horse

Humberside Police has warned people not to make nuisance calls
Humberside Police has warned people not to make nuisance calls

A BICYCLE puncture and a “sad-looking” horse are just some of the matters which have been reported to Humberside Police in the past few weeks.

One woman called police saying she thought her partner was being unfaithful and asking them to perform a lie detector test. Another woman rang the police to say she had put her partner in handcuffs then lost the key. The force has urged people not to make “nuisance calls” to either 999 or 101.

Superintendent Tracy Bradley said: “The number of calls for help we receive is going up every day and we want to make sure that when you need us, we are there.

“We always see an increase in demand when it's sunny. Add the World Cup into the mix too and calls go up in even more.

“So, when we’re having to take calls from people who think it’s appropriate to ring us and ask the time or for a lift home because their bike has a puncture, it means that it delays the people who really do need us from getting through.

“At best, that means people calling 101 have to wait longer before we can deal with their call. At worst, it could cost someone their life.

“We have also had a number of calls to 999 from people who think they’ll get through quicker than if they call 101.

“I want to make it clear that if you call 999 inappropriately, as soon as we have established you’re not calling about an emergency, we will hang up.

“I make no apology for that. We cannot risk delaying someone whose life is in danger getting through to us because someone has called to report a minor car crash or a shed that has been broken into during the night.

“The same applies to nuisance calls made to 101."