Police campaign to crackdown on motorcycle thefts in East Yorkshire

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Police have launched a campaign to crackdown on motorcycle thefts in East Yorkshire.

Humberside Police has been working in partnership with organisations and the motorcycle community to help deter thieves in Hull.

The force says it was set up to collect and share information so officers can catch offenders quicker.

It has asked anyone who reports motorcycle theft or similar crimes to quote "Yellowfin" when passing on information to call handlers.

Some shops in the city have backed the operation, and are offering discount on security products and offering expert safety advice to those in need.

A "ride out" involving the city's motorcycle community is being organised in partnership with the force on Sunday, to help raise awareness of the operation.

Chief Inspector Paul Butler, leading the operation, said: “I would like to thank the motorbike community and associated businesses for participating in Operation Yellowfin. As a result of this engagement we’re really gathering momentum in our drive to cut motorbike crime.

“Op Yellowfin is about everyone pulling together under one umbrella to build confidence, intelligence and to help catch those causing issues within our communities. This includes those who‘re involved in theft or handling of stolen bikes, or those who just want to cause a nuisance.

“There are a number of elements within Op Yellowfin including a large 'ride out' in Hull on Sunday April 15th involving the motorbike community who want to send the message out that enough is enough.

“This event will be an opportunity for us to gather information and intelligence and to discuss what's really happening in our city regarding motorbike or moped theft, while giving out safety and security advice.

“This ride will mark the end of a week of messaging and action, starting from today, which will be the springboard for all of our future activities so we can serve our communities to make them safer and stronger.”

Humberside Police has today also issued several tips to help people keep motorcycles safe and secure.

They include:

- Always lock your bike with its fork and ignition locks.

- Invest in a secondary quality disc and chain locks.

- Secure your bike to a rail, anchor point or anything solid.

- Where there are no anchor points lock bikes together with your friends.

- Fit a quality approved alarm and tracking system.

- Invest in an insurance-approved ID and marking system.

- Park and lock your bike in well-lit, busy locations. Try not to leave it in a remote area especially overnight.

- Cover your bike. It can hide its value and your security kit as well as protect it from the weather.

Anyone with information about motorcycle thefts is asked to call police on 101, quoting Operation Yellowfin.