Police explain why force 4x4 parked on double yellows for 'over an hour' in West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire Police took to Twitter to explain why a 4x4 force car was parked on double yellows for 'over an hour'.

A police car was spotted on double yellow

An agitated Twitter user took to the app to demand an explanation after snapping two photos of a West Yorkshire Police Land Rover parked on double yellows in Todmorden, in West Yorkshire.

-> Two potential Leeds shootings in space of two hours 'not connected' say policeHe said: "Police car parked on double yellow lines in Todmorden, West Yorkshire. And on the pavement. Been there for over an hour. Is this allowed? Thought it was emergencies only."

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A spokesman for the force then came back and told the man: "In certain circumstances police vehicles can park in any location necessary to perform their duties, however, we'll look in to this case and why the vehicle was there for this length of time. What time and date was this please so we can look in to this"

The man then replied: "I understand that attending incidents and emergency situations that’s acceptable. Just wondered why in this case it was parked there for so long with none of the above applying. Was 9/5/2018 from 12pm onwards. Over an hour and probably a lot longer."

The response, from West Yorkshire Police, was pretty final.

A spokesman said on a Tweet: "The officer attending was assisting a vulnerable elderly person who was believed to have dementia.

"As the person was not able to physically get into the Land Rover, to be taken home, the officer walked them home, with the assistance of a member of public. Hope this clarifies."