Police face new savings after £1m funding cut

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ONE of the region’s police and crime commissioners says his force will have to make £1m in extra savings next year because of the latest round of funding cuts.

Humberside Police and other forces around the country will have to plan more savings after new details emerged on Wednesday of the funding they will receive from the Home Office.

It was announced that police services will receive £8.5bn in funding in 2014/15, a 3.3 per cent cut compared with this year.

Forces feared the funding would be cut even further this year as the Home Office’s departmental budget was reduced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement, but Ministers have decided to freeze the settlement at £8.5bn rather than pass on the reductions.

Despite this, the core funding that forces receive from the Government in 2014/15 will be 4.8 per cent lower than 2013/14, as more money is now being spent on other police bodies including the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Grove said the announcement meant another £1m in savings would be needed for his force, though he was “optimistic” at being able to make up some of the shortfall through other funding pots.

He said: “We still have to find significant savings over the coming years due to previously announced reductions in government funding and increased costs, but we understand the national requirement for policing to make its contribution to bringing public finances back into balance, so we have been planning for this for some time.

“This resulted in my challenge to the Chief Constable to redesign the force and create a more effective and sustainable policing model for the future which meets the needs of the public within the resources we have available to us.”

Humberside Police has already slashed more than £23m from its budget since 2011 but needs to find further savings of about £35m before 2018.