Police force on the hunt for new HQ

POLICE could be a step closer to moving to a new headquarters in South Yorkshire as the force's ruling body meets to discuss the issue later this week.

The force's headquarters is at Snig Hill in Sheffield, in a building which was constructed for the force's predecessor and is no longer regarded as suitable for the needs of a modern force.

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The meeting will be held in private and details remain confidential, but the force has been looking for a new home for several years and had been involved in negotiations to move to a vacant office complex near Meadowhall before that deal broke down.

More recently officials have been looking at other properties closer to the city centre in Sheffield and it is expected the force may be able to capitalise on the relatively weak state of the property market, by striking a deal when there are relatively few customers in the market.

The Snig Hill complex could then be used as a new base for operational police in the city centre.