Police given extra powers in fight against youth crime

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EXTRA powers were yesterday handed to police in a bid to crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour in a Sheffield neighbourhood.

A so-called “Section 30” dispersal order has been issued for parts of Burngreave and will run for six months, giving officers the power to remove people from the area if they are thought to be acting in an anti-social fashion.

The orders give both police officers and police community support officers the power to take action against people “acting or likely to act” anti-socially.

Under the new powers, police can also take any unsupervised child under the age of 16 home if they are caught on the streets after 9pm.

Those who don’t comply with the order or who return to an area they have been removed from may be arrested.

The Section 30 order was granted following complaints from local people about groups of youths gathering in the area.

Acting inspector Craig Charlesworth said: “The issue of a Section 30 order is not one taken lightly.

“We recognise that not all young people from the area are involved in this problem – people from outside the area cause some of it.

“These powers allow the police to take action against a minority of people who intimidate and cause distress to others by behaving anti-socially.

“Parents can also help tackle anti-social behaviour by being aware of where their children are at all times and reminding them to behave responsibly.

“Section 30 dispersal orders have previously been implemented in other areas of the city and have proved very successful.”

Coun Mick Rooney from Sheffield Council added: “Section 30 orders are only used when, and where, we believe they can work effectively.

“People have the right to live, work and go about their everyday business in Burngreave without feeling intimidated by a minority of people.”

Streets covered by the order include Spital Street, Burngreave Road and Carlisle Street.