Police hope 'neighbourfrom hell' poster campaign will deter yobs

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A NEIGHBOUR from hell has been named and shamed by police who say he has caused enough misery for local residents.

Richard Daniel Pople, 30, of North Marine Road, Scarborough, will see his face on posters being put up all over the resort.

He has been responsible for a large number of anti-social behaviour offences throughout the town, according to North Yorkshire Police.

Officers have responded by issuing Pople with an ASBO banning him from visiting certain areas of the town, teaming up with other yobs, and causing any more trouble.

The order took effect when he was released from prison after being behind bars for burglary.

Last time Pople left jail he set fire to a bench, used a school fountain as a toilet and slept in the grounds of another local school.

Police are putting up posters of Pople around the town so that residents can report any further offending. It is also hoped that the posters will deter him from more hooliganism.

Sgt Di Jobling, of Scarborough Safer Neighbourhood Team, said: "Richard Pople is a prolific offender who is nuisance to the law-abiding residents of Scarborough.

"Releasing his image will enable residents to recognise him and report any future offending and hopefully if he knows his picture is out there he will think twice about breaking the terms of his ASBO.

"We also hope that the publication of Pople's details will act as a deterrent to other offenders and make them think twice about their behaviour."

To report anti-social behaviour contact North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 24 7.