Police issue car theft warning

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POLICE in Batley are appealing for vehicle owners not to leave valuables in their cars after an increase in the number of thefts from vehicles.

Between January and February 2011 there were 11 thefts recorded from motor vehicles, mainly along the Bradford Road area between Hick Lane and Town Street. However, this year the number rose to 17 crimes in the same area.

Last week, on February 7, there were three thefts on Mill Road alone. Between 6.30pm and midnight, three unoccupied cars had property stolen from them after the windows of the cars were smashed. A sat nav, a Sony radio and £2 in change were stolen in the three thefts.

Police say the £2 theft highlights how thieves will cause considerable damage to someone’s car to get at any amount of cash or property.

Sgt Samantha Carter of the Batley Neighbourood Policing Team said: “Sat-Navs, Radios, bags and coats, iPods or mobile phones and any amount of cash are all easy picking for thieves if people leave them on display in their cars while they are not with them.”

Visit www.westyorkshire.police.uk for crime prevention advice.