Police issue warning against cold callers

Police across North Yorkshire are warning members of the public, especially the elderly, not to open their door to cold callers.

Officers say they have been dealing with a spate of incidents in the Richmondshire area where doorstep callers have tried to sell overpriced household goods and claiming to be part of a probation rust scheme.

North Yorkshire Police say no probation trust in the country operates a scheme where ex-offenders sell door-to-door.

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Officers say although the latest reports occurred in the Richmondshire area, cold callers could strike anywhere and urged people across the county to be on their guard. Police are concerned elderly and vulnerable people may be intimidated by the callers into parting with money for overpriced goods.

They are also concerned some may fall victim to burglars posing as workers from genuine organisations such as water companies and councils, who trick their way into people’s homes and steal their valuables.

Acting Det Supt Steve Smith said: “There are two messages we want to get across. One is that no Probation Trust anywhere in the country operates an offenders’ door-to-door sales project.

“And secondly, we want to encourage vulnerable people not to answer their door to anyone who they don’t know or are not expecting.

“If you have any elderly relatives, friends and neighbours, please urge them to stand up to these people. Reassure them that they are not being impolite and that a genuine caller will understand if they do not wish to answer their door.

“If you feel threatened by a caller, please call the police on 999. If you wish to report any suspicious people or vehicles, please call the police on 101.”