Police on alert for domestic abusers

POLICE in South Yorkshire have launched a campaign to raise awareness of domestic violence, which traditionally increases over the Christmas period.

Statistics show that domestic violence currently leads to the deaths of two women each week in the UK.

Superintendent Peter Norman urged victims of domestic abuse to contact the police, adding: "People's safety is our key priority, whether it is whilst they are out celebrating or whilst they are at home.

"Domestic violence cases seem to increase over the Christmas period and we would like people to report such cases as soon as possible, no matter what time of the day.

"South Yorkshire Police will always take positive action whenever and wherever we can at all times. My message to offenders is clear. If you assault your partner, you risk being arrested and prosecuted through the courts. In order for us to tackle some of the underlying causes of domestic violence we are asking for people's help. If you are a victim please report it, don't suffer in silence."

All South Yorkshire-wide domestic abuse services can assist over the festive period, so don't think you have to wait until the New Year, he added.