Police record 62 shootings on South Yorkshire streets in one year

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Police recorded 62 shootings in South Yorkshire last year, where forensic or medical evidence confirmed guns had been fired.

South Yorkshire Police logged the firearm discharges between January 1 and December 16 last year, where forensic or medical evidence suggested bullets had been fired.

The scene of a shooting in Woodthorpe, Sheffield, last year

The scene of a shooting in Woodthorpe, Sheffield, last year

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Under the Freedom of Information Act, the force revealed that shotguns were used in 41 of the 62 incidents.

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More reported shootings may have been received by the force, but the number which could be confirmed on the basis of injuries treated at hospital and forensic evidence, such as bullet casings found at crime scenes, was 62.

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Details of where all the gun attacks took place have not been disclosed by South Yorkshire Police.

A number of the shootings were treated as high profile incidents, with entire streets cordoned off while crime scene examinations and enquiries were carried out.

There were no fatal shootings in South Yorkshire in 2018, compared to previous years.

On October, October 14, a man in his 20s was shot in his leg in Verdon Street, Burngreave, Sheffield, in what detectives said was a ‘targeted’ attack.

Three men were made in the immediate aftermath. 

The month before, a number of concerned residents reported shootings on city streets.

On Monday, September 10,  a man was shot in Firshill Crescent, Shirecliffe, with witnesses describing a gun being fired by a two men on a motorbike.

Two days later, a man in his 30s was shot Wostenholm Road, Nether Edge.

The next day – Wednesday, September 13 – a 16-year-old was injured in a drive-by shooting on Manor Oaks Place, Wybourn.

The teenager was targeted after a motorbike pulled up alongside him, followed by a red car.

A passenger got out of the car, opened fire and then got back in the vehicle as it drove off from the scene.
On Sunday, September 16, two men aged 20 and one, 19, were shot in Hallcar Street, just off Spital Hill,


Last summer, two men, both aged 24, were shot in an early morning attack on Headford Grove, Broomhall.

They suffered serious injuries in the attack on Thursday, July 12.

On Monday, June 4, a gun was fired at a house on Wostenholm Road, Nether Edge and the following week a 17-year-old boy was shot close to the Premier store in Nodder Road, Woodthorpe.

In May, a 30-year-old man was shot in broad daylight on Chadwick Road, Woodthorpe. 

Detectives dealt with three serious shootings in April. 

A 22-year-old man was shot in his neck with a pellet gun at point-blank rank in Meersbrook Park; a machine gun was fired at houses on Bransby Street in Walkley and a 42-year-old man was shot in his leg on Nodder Road, Woodthorpe.

Anyone with information on any of the incidents should call South Yorkshire Police on 101.