Police seize broken mess of car filled with washing machines on Yorkshire A-road

It's missing its doors, has no roof and is filled with washing machines and fridges which are poorly held in place.

The sorry vehicle which has been seized

And this car, seized by police in North Yorkshire today, also had just two bolts on the rear wheels - which were loose - and was being towed by a truck which was packed with dead kitchen appliances.

The driver has been arrested for licence offences after the vehicle was spotted on the A64 in Rillington.

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North Yorkshire Police tweeted: "Working with the DVSA today - stopped this combo near #Rillington #A64 - driver reported for licence offence & also the towed vehicle...

"Only had two bolts on rear wheels which were loose plus numerous other defects dealt with. Prohibited by the DVSA #notsafe"

The broken mess of a vehicle
The broken mess of a vehicle