Police support officer accused of cuffing boy

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A police community support officer has been removed from frontline duties after allegedly cuffing a boy across his face.

Liam Watters, 15, was walking to a club on the Nunsthorpe estate in Grimsby with his cousin when two PCSOs were leaving.

The teenager said they had been laughing and joking with the officers, but one then approached and an incident occurred.

The scene was captured by closed circuit television cameras.

The founder of the club, called the Respect Funhouse, Steve Hill said Liam helped pensioners with their gardens and spent a lot of his time volunteering at the club.

Mr Hill said: “If we have rules you must obey the rules. All your training says you can’t touch them.

“The PCSOs should be role models – people the kids look up to.”

A spokesman for Humberside Police said the incident was being investigated as an alleged assault, following a complaint from the family.

An internal investigation had been launched.

The spokesman said the PCSO had been given alternative duties: “Concerns relating to this incident were initially brought to our attention by a third party and we have since made contact with the young person’s family in order to get an account of the incident.

“In view of the circumstances the member of staff has been given alternative duties which will prevent face-to-face contact with the public whilst the investigation takes place.”