Polish sex attackers face being deported from Hull

A POLISH immigrant caught by police raping an unconscious teenager after she accidentally ended up on his doorstep faces deportation along with his co-accused after they were each jailed for nearly nine years.

Roman Smentek. Picture: Ross Parry Agency
Roman Smentek. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

Police burst into the house in Hull to find Roman Smentek in bed with the girl after being alerted by her mother.

Hull Crown Court was told the university student was confused about which address she wanted after taking a taxi home from a night out in an intoxicated state.

People started trying to help the teenager, who suspects her drink was spiked, when she slumped to the pavement but she gave the wrong number of a house – which turned out to be where Smentek, 37, his co-accused Krzysztof Drozdz, 26, and other Poles were living.

Prosecutor Mark McKone said: “The door was answered by a Polish man. A man who was helping her suggested she called police. The man said: ‘No police, it’s OK, one hour, she fine.”

The teenager was sick in the garden and he and Drozdz carried her into the hallway and told the passer-by to leave.

Smentek then carried the victim – who did not appear to know what was happening – upstairs, laid her on the bed and locked the door. The passer-by, who was still trying to help, phoned the teenager’s mother and knocked on the door.

Mr McKone said: “At first they wouldn’t let him in but Drozdz opened the door, said she was sleeping and he could go. Smentek came out and was aggressive, saying: ‘My house, you leave now.’

“Drozdz went outside. The passer-by asked why Smentek had locked the door. Drozdz shrugged his shoulders and said: ‘It’s men’ suggesting he knew that Smentek was having sex with her. Drozdz then went back into the bedroom.

“The passer-by went upstairs and saw Smentek under the covers. Drozdz was sitting on the same bed using the laptop.”

The passer-by was then taken outside and locked out of the house.

The girl’s mother arrived 30 minutes later and heard the men laughing and when she called her daughter’s name a man looked through the curtains. Mr McKone said it took some time for police to wake her and when they did she was “confused and distressed”.

He added: “Smentek smirked at the police as if he was proud of himself and he was arrested,”

When interviewed, Smentek was adamant no sex had taken place but it was proven by scientific evidence.

Anil Murray, mitigating, said Smentek “knows he is likely to be deported. His family know about it and are ashamed.”

Sentencing them to eight years and nine months in prison, Judge Michael Mettyear said the pair had “lied and lied” until the day before a trial was due to start. Both had admitted rape, not through remorse, but as the evidence grew against them.

The court heard the teenager was struggling to come to terms with what happened, had recurrent nightmares and was scared someone was watching her while she slept. Her studies had been affected and she was terrified to be alone at night.

Judge Mettyear said the court sent the victim good wishes and hoped she may to some extent get over the trauma. He awarded £250 to the person who helped as a “token of society’s gratitude for what he did”.