Political correctness and population growth

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From: Roger Crossley, Fall View, Silkstone, Barnsley.

ONCE again, Jayne Dowle hits home with very astute and perceptive comments in her column (The Yorkshire Post, June 2), regarding immigration and our attitudes towards multi-culturalism.

For me it is hard to find weaknesses in her argument that “this culture of denial from the metropolitan elite has ridden roughshod over the opinions and experiences of ordinary people” and that “they have pushed the agenda of multiculturalism at us for years without realising how much the world itself has changed”.

In my opinion she is right. The yoke of “political correctness”, and the threat of being labelled racist, has thwarted any intelligent and useful discussion on these subjects. A good example of this was on view in the Andrew Marr show recently. Nigel Farage quoted some figures on immigration in the last few years. Anna Soubry, who happens to be a Conservative MP, agreed that the figures gave rise to concern, but said to say so will cause unrest in communities. Well thank you for that Ms Soubry. Where exactly does that leave us? Very helpful!

For me the issue is entirely to do with population growth, not whether you might or might not like foreigners or cultural diversity.