Anti-Brexit marchers in Leeds are just prolonging division, says Yorkshire-based Brexit Party MEP

Lucy Harris, Brexit Party MEP.
Lucy Harris, Brexit Party MEP.
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The Brexit Party's Lucy Harris pens a column ahead of the anti-Brexit rally planned in Leeds on Saturday afternoon.

Unfortunately the people out marching for a “People’s Vote” this weekend in Leeds seem to be forgetting just one thing - we’ve already had not one, but two People’s Votes on Brexit!



The first where Yorkshire overwhelmingly voted to Leave the EU in 2016, and again only last month with the EU elections in which the Brexit Party came out on top in every council area across Yorkshire, with the exception of York.

Myself and two of my Brexit Party colleagues were very proud to be voted into the European Parliament, where we will be sending the message loud and clear to Westmisnter and Brussels that here in Yorkshire, we are still as determined to leave this corrupt, opaque and undemocratic institution as we were three years ago.

The march is just the latest in efforts from arch-Remainers to row back on the largest democratic mandate this country has ever seen.

The last three years have seen our own politicians taking the EU’s side in the negotiations, riding roughshod over the rules of parliament to try to reverse it, while well-funded campaigners have launched an endless stream of vexatious legal challenges in their desperation to override democracy.

All this does is creates perpetual limbo.

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They are preventing the rest of us from moving on. We could now be in a position to create new trade deals, start properly tackling the divisions within our communities and restore a sense of order and purpose to our country.

Instead, hardline Remainers would rather continue to throw their toys out of the pram and slow down the Brexit process in any way they can.

This ongoing confusion is stifling local and national investment when we should be looking forward, not back.

People’s Vote campaigners may preach that they want what’s best for the country, but all they are doing is prolonging division.

What we need now is to accept the country’s vote and work together, Leavers and Remainers, to ensure the brightest possible future for the country outside the European Union.