Bill Carmichael: Treachery '“ the Fifth Column of Remainers colluding with a foreign power to damage us over Brexit

ONE thing becoming increasingly clear in the bitter Battle of Brexit is that members of the establishment elite will never surrender their unearned privileges without a fight '“ even if that means damaging their own country and acting against the interests of the British people.

is Bill Carmichael right to accuse a Fifth Column of Remainers of treason?

How else to explain the latest wrecking move in Parliament by spiteful Remoaners to deny the Prime Minister the opportunity – vital in any negotiations – to walk away from a deal if the terms are disadvantageous to our country?

If these pro-EU zealots succeed in sabotaging any prospect of a successful deal, it will completely destroy the British government’s negotiating position and hand a huge boost to their opposite numbers in Brussels.

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If Michel Barnier and his team know that Theresa May can never walk away from a deal no matter how poor, then he will clearly only offer a poor deal.

The Remoaners hope that the resulting agreement will be so disastrous that the UK will be obliged to beg to join the EU again – but this will only happen under the most humiliating circumstances such as Britain being forced to join the euro and handing over command of our armed forces to an EU army.

To be blunt, what we have is a Fifth Column of Remainers who are actively colluding with a foreign power to damage the UK and its people.

In a less forgiving age we would call this exactly what it is – treachery.

Who are these people? Well let’s take a look at a prime example in Viscount Hailsham who put himself at the head of the Brexit wrecking party in Parliament this week.

You would be forgiven for never having heard of him, as this Old Etonian’s undistinguished political career has been characterised only by his mediocrity.

But as Douglas Hogg, then an MP, he did cement himself a place in our political annals when he became a notorious leading player in the House of Commons expenses scandal in 2009. After expenses claims were leaked to a newspaper, MPs were revealed as being a greedy, despicable lot – but Hogg was very possibly the worst of them.

He claimed £2,000 of taxpayers’ cash to clean the moat at his country estate, plus further claims on the public purse to tune his piano and fix the lights in his stable block. A real man of the people then, just the type to understand the concerns of ordinary folk!

After disgracing his family name, shaming the Conservative Party and besmirching the reputation of the House of Commons, you would think we would have the common decency to go and jump in his moat, or at least fade into obscurity.

Not a bit of it. After being forced out of the Commons, he immediately put himself forward for membership of the House of Lords. The sense of entitlement of these people is simply breathtaking.

So arise Lord Moat! He is now at the head of the diehard Brexit saboteurs in the House of Lords determined to hand victory to the EU.

So we have unelected, unaccountable members of the House of Lords conspiring with unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels to defy the will of the British people as expressed in the biggest democratic vote in our entire history.

They won’t get away with it – 17.4 million people who voted to take back control of our affairs and restore representative democracy to this island simply won’t let them.

But it is going to be a desperate and dirty fight. What terrifies the EU and the Remoaner side most of all is not that Brexit will be a disaster, but that it will be an unalloyed success.

With the US, China, India, Canada and Australia lining up to sign free trade deals with a newly independent Britain, that is an increasingly realistic prospect.

If that happens, the entire premise of the United States of Europe – and its attendant bureaucracy – will disappear 
and the nations of Europe will be liberated to pursue their own destiny.

And our self-serving establishment elite will be exposed as interested only in their own privileges to the detriment of the common good.