Blunkett latest phone hacking ‘victim’

FORMER Home Secretary David Blunkett has become the latest senior politician to be named as a possible victim of phone hacking.

The Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough MP feared that his messages may have been hacked into by journalists as he fought to save his cabinet career in 2004, it was reported yesterday.

According to The Independent, suspicions were raised that his messages may have been hacked into around the time of newspaper revelations about his love affair with Kimberly Quinn, then the publisher of The Spectator.

It is understood that he has decided not to take legal action over any alleged hacking, although his office was refusing to comment on the story yesterday.

Several former Labour Cabinet Ministers have come forward to raise concerns that reporters may have listened in to their messages, including ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown who has asked police to investigate if he was a victim.

Police have re-opened their investigation into phone hacking as several figures, including actress Sienna Miller, began legal action against newspapers.