Brexit and the EU Referendum

Urgent progress required in Brexit talks 'or UK jobs will be lost'

European business leaders have told Theresa May that progress is urgently needed in Brexit talks or UK jobs and investment could be lost.
Can the Government deliver Brexit?

YP Letters: Tories need to find a winning team who can pull together

From: John Redfearn, Whitby Road, Pickering.

There is no reason to fear the 'no deal' option, provided the country is well prepared.

'Brexit no deal is nothing to fear if we invest and prepare'

BRUSSELS warns that the talks on a Brexit deal are taking longer than they should. The IMF issues cautions about risks to the global economy. The Times reports that one of the European Union’s many presidents, Donald Tusk, has warned of the risk that the talks will collapse. Planning for no deal is not simply a negotiation point; increasingly, it is the responsible thing to do in the national interest.

What now for Brexit?

YP Letters: Why Brussels is dragging its feet on Brexit

From: Neville Balmer, Sicklinghall.

Theresa May faced EU leaders at a summit in Brussels at the end of last week.

YP Letters: Willingness to walk away is key to getting good Brexit deal

From: J Barraclough, Morley.

Boris Johnson says it is time for talks to get underway on the Brexit trade deal.

Time to get on with discussing Brexit trade deal, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has urged European leaders to press ahead with Brexit negotiations as British businesses stressed the need for a transition deal to be agreed as quickly as possible.
There are increasing calls for a second vote on leaving the European Union.

'Why we should not rule out another vote over Brexit'

THE immediate aftermath of a so-called “crunch summit” on Brexit might seem a funny time to talk about a second EU referendum.
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has criticised Theresa May's approach to the Brexit negotiations.

Labour claim government plans for Brexit in paralysis but May insists 'all scenarios' will be prepared for

The Government's plans for Brexit are "in paralysis", Labour claimed, amid speculation crucial legislation will be delayed again.
A report has found that young people are unhappy with the Brexit decision.

Young people 'bemused and angry' by Brexit vote, claims report

Young people are bemused, angry and resentful at the decision to leave the European Union which they largely blame on older generations, according to a new report.
What does Britain want out of the Brexit deal?

'We need to know what the UK wants to do' - Europe's leaders urge Brexit clarity

Europe's leaders have revealed frustrations about Theresa May's Government's approach to Brexit, claiming there is a lack of clarity as a result of divisions within her administration.
Would a failure to agree on Brexit result in another election in 2018?

PM struggle to win commons backing for Brexit deal 'could force 2018 election'

Theresa May could struggle to negotiate a Brexit deal that will win the backing of the House Commons - which could see the country forced into a general election at the end of next year, the author of Article 50 has warned.

Are there increased tensions between Theresa May and Boris Johnson?

Nobody is unsackable, says Hammond amid Johnson 'disloyalty' accusations

Chancellor Philip Hammond has sent a thinly-veiled warning to Boris Johnson amid speculation that the Foreign Secretary is trying to destabilise Theresa May, declaring "nobody is unsackable".
Prime Minister Theresa May greets President of the European Council Donald Tusk at 10 Downing Street.

Blow for May after EU rebuffs call for start of Brexit trade talks

THERESA MAY suffered a blow in her efforts to kickstart the Brexit talks after she was told Brussels will continue to resist moves to discuss the future of trade between the UK and Europe.

General Election
Theresa May will make her Brexit speech today.

Theresa May aiming to placate party factions ahead of Brexit speech

The Prime Minister will seek to allay concerns that Britain is heading for a ‘cliff-edge’ as she sets out a plan for a transition period to give business more time to adapt to life outside the EU.

Loose cannon: Boris Johnson with Theresa May. The Prime Minister must demand her Cabinet back the position on Brexit - or any dissenters should resign forthwith.

Tom Richmond: As Boris goes rogue, May must ‘take back control’

IF Theresa May had won June’s election by the margin she envisaged, the larger than life Boris Johnson would not be Foreign Secretary by now.

Boris Johnson has gained support for his Brexit comments.

Tory 'Leavers' back Boris Johnson over his hard Brexit blueprint

Boris Johnson has received support from prominent Tory Leavers before showdown talks with Theresa May amid the fallout from his intervention in the Brexit debate.

'For the sake of workers and jobs, we must stay in the EU single market' - TUC chief

'For the sake of workers and jobs, we must stay in the EU single market' - TUC chief

I’M starting to feel like we’re dancing a political can-can, writes Bill Adams, TUC Yorkshire & Humber Secretary.

The vote on the programme motion for the so-called repeal Bill's committee stage went in the Government's favour by 318 votes to 301, majority 17.

Eight days set aside for Brexit bill's next stage after Government wins key vote

MPs will have eight days to assess flagship Brexit legislation on its next stage through Parliament after the Government won a crucial vote.

MP Caroline Flint says Leave and Remain voters must unite.

Caroline Flint: Why Leave and Remain campaigners must 'bury our differences and get on with it'

THERE is no doubt that Brexit poses a great number of challenges to the Government and to MPs of all parties, not least the challenge of replacing European Union laws and jurisdiction with equivalent UK laws and regulations under UK jurisdiction.

Can the country learn from Henry VIII as we seek to leave the EU behind?

Peter Lilley: Why 'Henry VIII' has role to play in giving the EUs powers the chop

FOR the next few weeks, the fate of the Government’s Brexit Bill, Brexit itself and even the Government could hang on the arcane issue of so-called Henry VIII clauses in the European Union Withdrawal Bill.

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