Brexit Party advertising banner blown over by the wind say police - but candidate claims it was politically motivated attack

A Brexit Party candidate who claimed a taxi swerved into his car in a politically motivated attack has been left red-faced after the police said the wind catching an advertising trailer was the likely cause of the accident - and no other vehicles were involved.

Doncaster’s three Brexit Party Parliamentary candidates Surjit Duhre, Andy Stewart, and Paul Whitehurst, released a statement today universally condemning what they called “an unprovoked attack which saw Doncaster Central candidate Surjit Duhre hospitalised, just two days after receiving a death threat”.

In a press release from the three candidates it was claimed: “A vehicle, believed to be a taxi, swerved into the car Mr Duhre was driving, forcing it off the road. He received treatment at Doncaster Royal Infirmary for minor injuries and shock. However, fellow Brexit Party supporters returned to the campaign trail this morning.”

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Photos provided with the release showed Mr Duhre’s Brexit Party-branded vehicle on the road with the advertising banner overturned, and the police in attendance.

The accident on Bawtry Road. Photo: The Brexit Party

The release said it was “the latest in a series of incidents and acts of sabotage, believed to originate from the town’s extreme hard left”.

But police have disputed the account and said only one vehicle was involved, there were no injuries, and the incident was likely caused by the wind.

Mr Duhre said: “After a full day of fantastic campaigning in the Hyde Park area of Doncaster I was heading home when a taxi swerved towards me, forcing me off the road.

“The trailer I was towing overturned and it is a miracle that no-one was seriously injured. It happened on a straight part of Bawtry Road and after consulting witnesses, I have no doubt in my mind that the act was a deliberate one, especially considering the taxi driver immediately left the scene.”

Surjit Duhre (centre) with fellow Doncaster Brexit Party candidates Paul Whitehurst and Andrew Stewart, dressed as The Three Musketeers. Photo: The Brexit Party

However after The Yorkshire Post contacted South Yorkshire Police, the force said the accident, which did not involve any other vehicles, was more likely caused by the wind catching the large banner attached to Mr Duhre’s car.

A spokesman said: “A car, which was being driven by a General Election candidate, was towing an advertising trailer which tipped over and caused the car to swerve.

“It is believed the weather conditions played a factor in this incident due to the high winds last night.

“The carriageway was blocked for a time before police and members of the public pulled the trailer out of the road.

The accident on Bawtry Road. Photo: The Brexit Party

“No other vehicles were involved and we received no reports of injuries.”

Mr Duhre said the incident came two days after he had received a death threat, and other candidates also reported being threatened and suffering violence.

Police confirmed they were investigating the death threat and had spoken to a man about the incident.

The Brexit Party has been contacted for comment.