Cameron heralds 2015 with election salvo

VOTERS will be choosing between competence and chaos when they go to the polls in May, according to David Cameron.

In a New Year message firmly focused on this year’s General Election, the Prime Minister claims the improvement in the state of the UK economy will be put at risk by any deviation from the Government’s “long term economic plan”.

As Greece is plunged into fresh turmoil, Mr Cameron warns that the New Year will bring “new challenges” and that the “global economy remains uncertain, and many countries continue to struggle.”

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He continues: “And against that backdrop, Britain has a choice: between the competence that has got us this far or the chaos of giving it up, going backwards and taking huge risks.

“So I say this should be our resolution: to stick to the plan, stay on course to prosperity, and keep doing the important, long-term work of securing a better future.

“2015 can promise to be a great year for our country – if we make the right choices together.”

In what is likely to become a familiar soundbite as election campaigning gathers pace in the coming weeks, the Prime Minister says the Conservatives’ economic plan has “clear values at its heart”.

“Ours must be a country where if you put in, you will get out”, he says.

While the formal start of the campaign is still many weeks away, the highly political nature of the Prime Minister’s message underlines the fact that the arrival of 2015 will see the major parties moving swiftly into election gear. Yorkshire will be a key battleground with a string of marginal seats.